JourneyAwake to Ireland with Dr. Sue Morter

Join Dr. Sue for an amazing 11-day/10-night adventure and meditation retreat as you journey through the lush green hills of Ireland, a mystical, mysterious land filled with magic, legend, folk-tales and deep wisdom.

Gather with like-minded people as we explore the sacred land of the Druids, visiting ancient temples rumored to date back to the Atlantean times, and stand amidst stone circles associated with the goddess and sacred dance.

During the journey we’ll embrace and honor the energies of the sun as we celebrate the summer solstice on June 22nd. We’ll also visit Christian Monasteries and other ancient sites of Celtic spirituality as we embody the deep mysteries of the Earth and the magic of this sacred land through Dr. Sue’s coursework, yoga and meditation.



  • Saturday-Tuesday, June 16-26, 2018

JourneyAwake Adventure and Meditation Tour

June 16-26, 2018 - IRELAND

Dr. Sue's JourneyAwake trips bring beautiful people to awe-inspiring sacred places on the planet to commune and celebrate life in LOVE! Morning BodyAwake yoga is a grateful beginning to each day preparing us for what IS in store. The invitations and guidance of Dr. Sue allows for insights and revelations when visiting the sacred sights. These insights and revelations can be shared and embodied when we come together for coursework. JourneyAwake is how I choose to see the world Now. Grateful for Dr Sue and her “Village” for creating conscious gatherings all over Mother Earth with JourneyAwake.

D. Parizek D. Parizek

JourneyAwake Adventure and Meditation Itinerary: Ireland

Day 1: Saturday, June 16

Camden Court Hotel

Upon arrival at Dublin Airport you will be met and transferred to our hotel in Dublin. We then begin our Ireland “feeding the soul” adventure by meeting with Dr. Sue at 12.00 PM (Noon) at our hotel in Dublin for a an orientation and luncheon. After lunch we will visit Christ Church Cathedral and Trinity College, home of the “Book of Kells.”


Dunboyne Castle Hotel

BodyAwake™ Yoga with Dr. Sue before departing to experience The Boyne Valley. We will visit two ancient temples whose sites are older than the pyramids of Egypt and were built to be aligned with the sun. The belief is that these temples are remnants of an Atlantean civilization. We then visit Newgrange, with its white quartz crystal façade, where we will view the enormous stones etched with ancient art that surround the temple and then on to Knowth, which is surrounded by more than seventeen satellite structures believed to be the tombs of ancient kings who once ruled from this site. Later we will visit the Hill of Slane where Saint Patrick lit his first fire to get the attention of the High King and the Druids. Coursework with Dr. Sue after dinner.

Day 3: Monday – June 18

Glendalough Hotel

BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before departing to Loughcrew with its magnificent cairns, also known as Slieve Na Calliagh or the Hill of the Witch. A large stone in the northern part of the kerb area is known as “Chair of the Witch,” or the more robust name of  “Queen Maeve” also known as the Moon Goddess or the Earth Mother. Here you will sit on the chair to receive your personal message from Queen Maeve (you may also make a wish while sitting on the chair) and also experience some time with the speaking oracle stones.  In the afternoon, we visit Tara, one of the most venerated places in early Ireland. We will then visit the Royal House and meditate with the Stone of Destiny. We will have time to visit a Tara gift shop and Tea Rooms, featuring all things Celtic, and can have lunch or afternoon tea. In the evening, we will travel to Glendalough where we enjoy a beautiful dinner and coursework with Dr. Sue after dinner.

Day 4: Tuesday - June 19

Glendalough Hotel

BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before exploring Glendalough where the little people are sure to touch our hearts. Here, we will be enchanted by feelings of joy, love, and peace as we walk the well-traveled and the less traveled paths through this ancient monastery. This exceptional place of contemplation, Glen of the Two Lakes, is the only surviving example of an entrance to an early Irish monastery and university. Saint Kevin founded what became one of the most important early Celtic Christian Monasteries in Europe.

Today we will experience a movie taking us back in time along with the Glendalough museum. Our next stop will be at the crossroads contemplation stone, then on to Trinity Church, Saint Kevin's Well and Saint Mary’s Church where Dr. Sue will lead us in a sacred ceremony and meditation. In the evening we will experience Celtic Cabaret night including dinner, traditional Irish song and dance.

Day 5: Wednesday - June 20

Glendalough Hotel

BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before we continue to enjoy Glendalough as we experience the Green Road, Saint Kevin's Cell, Reffert Church - one of the most powerful and revered churches in Glendalough where Dr. Sue will lead us in a meditation- plus much more.

Day 6: Thursday – June 21 – Summer Solstice

Brehon Hotel

Today we will be honoring the Summer Solstice throughout our excursions and coursework. BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before traveling to Kildare where we will visit the Flame of Saint Brigid. Her flame burned for over a thousand years prior to the English reformation. The flame was rekindled in 1993 by the Brigidine sisters. Saint Brigid is believed to have been a Druidic priestess who converted to Christianity. The Goddess Brigid was part of ancient Ireland long before Christianity. We then visit the Holy Well where people who visit often tell stories of miraculous healings, especially for babies, and divine inspiration. Summer Solstice coursework and meditation with Dr. Sue.

Day 7: Friday – June 22

Brehon Hotel

BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before departing for Killarney National Park where we will visit the beautiful Muckross House and gardens. We travel by jaunting car and take a journey back in time as we explore the mystical grounds, the magnificent Torc Waterfall, and magical forest. Some have reported seeing a leprechaun or two. Later, we will wander through an ancient abbey and experience the mystically powerful energies of the Yew tree. Coursework with Dr. Sue after dinner.

Day 8: Saturday – June 23

Glengarriff Park Hotel

BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before traveling to Kenmare to explore its sacred Stone Circle. You can take part in a special ritual to get in touch with the past and experience this goddess stone circle which is associated with May Day. Here we will experience the energy of the stones as our ancestors have done for thousands of years before us. In the afternoon, we will visit the exquisite seaside town of Glengarriff where we will visit Garnish Island, a subtropical paradise on a 37 acre island reachable only by ferry. The gardens were created in 1911 and are the joint work of John Bryce, then owner of the island and Harold Peto, architect and garden designer. We will experience the temple where Dr. Sue will lead us in a meditation and ceremony.

Day 9: Sunday – June 24

Glengarriff Park Hotel

BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before we journey to the enchanting valley of Gougane Barra, Saint Finbarr's first settlement on the shores of a beautiful lake. We will visit the oratory and walk the grounds of the old monastery, feeling the energies and sacredness of this ancient monastery.  We then return to Glengarriff and free time to shop. Coursework with Dr. Sue after dinner.

Day 10: Monday - June 25

Hilton Dublin Airport

BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue before we travel to Blarney to experience the beauty of Blarney and its ancient Druid heritage. In Rock Close ask the giant Dolmen if it still rocks. Maneuver the Wishing Steps and have your dream come true. Experience the sacredness at the altar of the Druids or stand in their ancient circle. Will we see the Witch as she pokes the ashes of her kitchen fire? Are there fairies at the bottom of the garden? We can just simply marvel at the unrivaled beauty that Mother Nature so generously sets before us. Shop at the Blarney Woollen Mills, visit Blarney Castle and optionally kiss the Blarney Stone. We then travel to Dublin where we will have our farewell dinner.

Day 11: Tuesday - June 26

We bid our farewells to Ireland and depart for home, grateful for all that we encountered and experienced.

Tour Includes:

Ireland Tour Fee (excluding airfare), all hotel accommodations (10 nights), all entrance fees to sites, all ground transportation, full breakfast and dinner each day and one lunch on day of arrival, transfer from Dublin airport to hotel.

Anyone wanting to see sacred sights around the globe has no reason to seek any further! JourneyAwake trips are the most beautifully and generously crafted trips, that happen to draw together the most incredible groups of people!...Travel just doesn't get any better!!

S. Foszcz S. Foszcz

About Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter is an international speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary who employs and teaches the use of high frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential. In addition to her transformational coursework and teachings, she invites students and participants to travel with her on life-changing JourneyAwake™ Adventure and Meditation tours. As part of each JourneyAwake Adventure, Dr. Sue leads participants in the exploration of sacred sites, providing deep insights into the often-times mysterious nature of the ancient civilizations once residing there. Through daily BodyAwake™ Yoga practice, group meditations and coursework, she guides participants on an inner journey as well, helping students connect with the soulful self and awaken to their own magnificence as they explore these sacred lands. She leads excursions to Bali, Egypt, India, Ireland, Jerusalem and the Holy Lands, Peru, with future JourneyAwake Adventures planned for Chile/Easter Island and Greece, as well as a Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage in the South of France.

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