JourneyAwake to Easter Island and Chile with Dr. Sue Morter

Join Dr. Sue for an amazing 10-day/9-night adventure and meditation retreat exploring the mysteries of Easter Island and natural wonders of Chile.

Gather with like-minded people to venture thousands of miles off the coast of Chile to Easter Island, one of the most remote places on Earth. Here we discover the mystery of sacred artifacts and the towering stone Moai left behind by the ancient Rapa Nui civilization.

Coupled with visits to ancient historical sites and other awe-inspiring natural treasures of mainland Chile, we’ll explore the great wonders of our mother earth as we hike the Moon Valley of the Atacam desert, bathe in the steaming waters of the Puritama Hot Springs and much more.

Nature provides amazing and pristine backdrops for yoga, meditations and Dr. Sue’s enlightenment and embodiment coursework for building the neural pathways of the Soulful Self.



  • Tuesday-Thursday, October 23-November 1, 2018

JourneyAwake Adventure and Meditation Tour

October 23 - November 1, 2018 - EASTER ISLAND AND CHILE

I have been on many of the JourneyAwake parts of the world that I wouldn’t have dreamt of...I’ve climbed mountains, ridden camels and elephants, played with monkeys, and sat in meditation at the feet of the Sphinx. I’ve always marveled at the graceful way the trips unfold...These are all fast-paced, loaded adventures with like-minded fellow travelers, who become life long friends...I’m so grateful to be able to have these experiences. It’s my preferred way to travel now, and enjoy being part of this growing community. I can’t wait for the next one!

J. Stoddard J. Stoddard

JourneyAwake Itinerary: EASTER ISLAND AND CHILE


Arrive Santiago

  • 1:00 pm – Orientation with Dr. Sue and Lunch.
  • Afternoon City tour of Santiago.

Park Plaza Hotel Santiago (L, D)


Santiago-Easter Island

  • Morning Flight and Transfer to hotel.
  • Lunch at hotel. Afternoon tour exploring the town of Hanga Roa, the local museum and neighboring beaches. Coursework with Dr. Sue following dinner.

Hotel O’Tai (B, L, D)


Easter Island

  • Sunrise BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue.
  • Full-day tour of Rano Raraku: Vahiu, Anakena and Ahu Tongariki.
  • The excursion starts in Hanga Roa. Taking the road along the coast, we head toward the ruins of the temple of Vahiu, which is still today as it has been after centuries of neglect. The red hats of the Moais which were thrown into the sea can clearly be seen. Continue to the site of Akahanga, where several of the statues are face down, as they were abandoned while being transported. Then on to the volcano of Rano Raraku and the “factories” where the Moais were carved from the rock. Here, there are more than 300 statues in different stages of production. A walk around the crater reveals a small lagoon and more Moais in the center. Continue to Ahu Tongariki (destroyed by a large tidal wave in 1960), which has been recently restored and which houses the largest number of Moais. Finally, see the beautiful Anakena beach with two temple platforms or Ahus. Following a picnic lunch, there will be time to swim in the Pacific Ocean or explore the surrounding countryside. Return to Hanga Roa in the afternoon, and transfer back to the hotel. Coursework with Dr. Sue following dinner.

Hotel O’Tai (B, L, D)


Easter Island

  • Sunrise BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue.
  • Half-day excursion to Orongo: Rano Kau and Vinapu.
  • Depart for a visit to Ahu Vinapu which is made up of two ruined Ahus, one of which has stonework remarkably similar to that found in Inca sites. Studies have backed up the theory that the first inhabitants of the island came from the South American continent. The journey continues along the coastal road toward the Rano Kau volcano. Next to the crater is the ancient ceremonial site of Orongo, featuring many petroglyphs. There are images of the “bird man” Tangata Manu, the god creator Make Make and the fertility symbols Komari. From the edge of the crater, you can see the three small islands of Motu Iti, Motu Nui and Moto Kao Kao, which play an important part in the bird man legends. After lunch, you will have leisure time to explore Hanga Roa and the Museum of Sebastian Englert. It is recommended paying a visit to the local church with its extraordinary wood carvings. Coursework with Dr. Sue following dinner.

Hotel O’Tai (B, L, D)


Easter Island - Santiago

  • Sunrise BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue followed by breakfast and coursework before transferring to Mataveri Airport for our connecting flight back to Santiago. Coursework with Dr. Sue following dinner. Holiday Inn Santiago Airport

Hotel (B, L, D - bring snacks)


Santiago - Atacama

Santiago – San Pedro de Atacama-Moon Valley. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Calama, the gateway to the Atacam desert, and transfer to the town of San Pedro de Atacama. We will take an afternoon tour of Moon Valley, which will take us through the Salt Mountain Range, visiting the Valley of Mars (also known as Death Valley) and the Three Marias, natural rock formations in the desert. We complete our afternoon by climbing a large sand dune in the Moon Valley, from which we will watch the sunset over the Andes. Evening return to San Pedro de Atacama. Coursework with Dr. Sue following dinner.

Hotel Altiplanico San Pedro (B, L, D)


Atacama - Tulor, Quitor, Altacama Salt Lake and Toconao

  • Sunrise BodyAwake Yoga with Dr. Sue.
  • Morning half-day archeological tour to Tulor and Quitor to visit the Padre Gustavo Le Paige Museum, which has an important anthropological collection of the Atacemeñan culture. Then continue to the indigenous Fortress of Quitor where the first shepherds of this civilization lived. Continue on to one of the “ayllus” or settlements which reflect the social system and communal aspects of this subsistence society and the ruins of Tulor, which is composed of a series of round rooms connected to each other and with communal patios. Today, this site is covered partly by the sands of the desert and represents an archeological enigma.
  • After lunch, we will take a half-day excursion to the Atacama Salt Lake and Toconao. Upon leaving San Pedro de Atacama, we head along the side of the huge salt flat and continue to Toconao, a village where the inhabitants dedicate themselves to the working of the local liparite stone. We will visit the old church and wander around the handicraft shops before going to the Jeri Valley, an oasis in the center of the desert. Continue to the Chaxa Lagoon, where three types of pink flamingoes breed. Coursework with Dr. Sue following dinner.

Hotel Altiplanico San Pedro (B, L, D)


Atacama - San Pedro de Atacama

  • Early morning departure for a full-day excursion to the El Tatio Geysers and Puritama Hot Springs. We will have a picnic breakfast in the geothermal field before taking a guided walk through the fumaroles, which release steam columns into the cold air. Returning to San Pedro along a mountain road we will view the Putana Volcano and the peaks of Torcopuri. We will visit the cascading pools of Puritama Hot Springs hidden in a mountain canyon surrounded by pampa grass and you can bathe in the warm waters of the hot springs (changing rooms and bathrooms available) before we return to San Pedro where we will have our Farewell Dinner.

Hotel Altiplanico San Pedro (B, L, D


Atacama – Santiago

Morning flight to Santiago for a city tour and a visit to the wine country. Late evening/early morning flight back home.

Hilton Garden Inn Santiago Airport (B, L)


Santiago – Home

Early hour flight home.

Hilton Garden Inn Santiago Airport

Tour Includes:

Experiential coursework and meditation with Dr. Sue, morning BodyAwake Yoga sessions with Dr. Sue, accommodations in deluxe and first-class hotels, transfers to and from hotel on Day 1 and Day 10, air-conditioned modern buses for transport, meals as indicated in the itinerary (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D=Dinner), airfare -  Santiago-Easter Islands and Santiago-Calama, entrance fees to all sites visited.

Dr. Sue’s JourneyAwake tours are life changing adventures...Dr. Sue weaves [everything] together during the coursework so that you can embody what you are experiencing, so it lands and stays with you, it changes you on a cellular level, so it's not just a trip that you have beautiful pictures from, it’s a trip that deepens who you really are. Dr. Sue’s teaching is truly about what is really going on, why these sacred sites were built in the first place, why we are drawn to them, what is activating in each one of us and how to use that when the rubber hits the road when we are back in our day to day lives where it really counts!

C. Campbell C. Campbell

About Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter is an international speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary who employs and teaches the use of high frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential. In addition to her transformational coursework and teachings, she invites students and participants to travel with her on life-changing JourneyAwake™ Adventure and Meditation tours. As part of each JourneyAwake Adventure, Dr. Sue leads participants in the exploration of sacred sites, providing deep insights into the often-times mysterious nature of the ancient civilizations once residing there. Through daily BodyAwake™ Yoga practice, group meditations and coursework, she guides participants on an inner journey as well, helping students connect with the soulful self and awaken to their own magnificence as they explore these sacred lands. She leads excursions to Bali, Egypt, India, Ireland, Jerusalem and the Holy Lands, Peru, with future JourneyAwake Adventures planned for Greece and a Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage in the South of France.

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