walking labyrinth as a way to reconnect and anchor with true Self

We’ve rounded the bend and stepped into a new year. With new energies presented to us, have you taken time to reflect—about what was…about what’s coming? For some of us, 2020 was a nonstop year of reflection…and shifts. 

Yet there is always an invitation to go deeper.

Many of us spent time this past year reflecting on connection. Perhaps too much with some, or a lack of with others—family, friends, co-workers, and community—because of a shift in global circumstances. But what about connection with yourself? Did you find ways and time to consciously include “You” in the connection matrix?

Embodiment of the Self, the true you, happens when we are grounded here on earth. When we take a moment to consciously connect with the Self, this gives birth to our capacity to be creative, which is important for each of us right now. 

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light reflecting on water | you are made of light

The Holy Days, or the holidays, are a time that stirs our Soulful Evolution.

No matter what is unfolding around us, we’re drawn back into childhood memories or family dynamics from this pinnacle time in our lives. At the same moment, there is more light pouring onto Earth and infusing our consciousness at this time.

The reason these memories of our past are pinnacle moments is: proximity. They are close to you vibrationally, on the personality level, and oftentimes mark moments where you started to split off, “splat out,” and move into the protective personality. These memories or triggers take you right back to that moment when this occurred.

As we work with the energies that surface during this time, it’s an opportunity for us to enliven and awaken aspects of ourselves in a magical and magnificent way.

This means we’re at a perfect moment to explore the relationship between the Soulful or Essential Self and the protective personality, also known as the ego—the conscious and the subconscious.

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Staircase climbing to the energy of love

For so many of us, we’ve stepped into what might be a unique Holy Days season. And with it, an opportunity to explore Love from, perhaps, a unique vantage point.  

What do you feel when I say, “The answer to anything in your life is love?

Because it is.  

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “Choose love instead of anger, disappointment, loneliness, or…(you name the emotion).” When I say that, I don’t mean for you to suppress or push the anger away and just be loving.

What I do mean is that you focus on unconditionality, on integration, and allow all things to serve. 

We’ve all had moments when we couldn’t access the feeling of love—until we shifted our vantage point.  

The invitation is to notice what you’re feeling. Even if you can’t name it—notice the feeling, the energy. Maybe you call it fear, disappointment, anger, or jealousy. Or maybe you’re clueless what to call it, yet you’re feeling some “angsty thing.” 

When we notice the feeling and choose to love rather than to feel disappointment, fear, or anger, our vantage point—the perspective from which we see the situation—shifts. When this happens, we open up gateways and access our multidimensionality. This means you’re accessing the Soulful Self, or your Higher Self.  

Your multidimensionality is a part of your Higher Self. Accessing it allows your focus to shift, so that the Higher Self drops more fully into this human experience.  

From here we begin to have the life that we came here to have. 

Think of love this is way—it the gateway to your multidimensionality and it serves as a universal solvent. In any situation that you are willing to include love—no matter how stressful or challenging—it will be dissolved by love.   

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